Smaller is Happier – the reflection of truth in 2020. When we are all squeezed by the limitation of the growth of economic, urban, connectivity through all devices (Internet of things).

That fact will roll our personality back to basic again. Then we need the happiness, freedom, more independent in every single little detail of life which bring the community to the revolution of living in the future. This changes truly affected the mobility design. From the changing of the generation that produce the products for the mass market to uniqueness service design which widely accepted to individual lifestyle. So the low-cost investment of the environmental-friendly,high-efficiency transportation solution and have a possibility to use in every day is Electro-Innovative Motorcycle.



The inspiration from the adventure create the new proportion for riding. With the same acceleration ratio but smaller with the old-traditional motorcycle.It creates the flexibility through the road.Also have the great riding-vision by the special design of double head lamps. By the unique design of concrete jungle— we believe that you can catch all the eye ball all along the way ride.


Here is the cool personal gadget for the man like you – who loves to enjoy life, meeting with people, socialise. Ready to bring thy fascination to catch the night with some girls. What will be the better than riding the classic-cafe’ style with the electric engine. harmless to the environment and have a chance to enjoy more ride by the extended length of the seat for your personal riding style.


If you are the girls of 2020 who looking for the new perspective of riding Electric-Motorcycle and fit with your lifestyle- Vacay is the answer – by the smoothest surface around the body with Metallic blue shading and chrome yellow on the seat- its make every single movement of you become more colourful during save our world.

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