The PROM 7 inch touchscreen controls most of the scooter functions.


Driving personalization, vehicle controls, and energy controls.


Smart routing that adjusts for real time traffic conditions.


Real time energy consumption and range estimation.

The future is here

climate change has now impact on people and environment around the world. the main cause comes from the burning of fossil fuels, which then release carbon dioxide. 

of these total carbon dioxide emissions, road transport accounts for 75% and this share has increased every day.

(conserve energy future, n/a) this becomes the major concern in many countries to impose policies and encourage sustainable transportation in order to limit the carbon dioxide emission. the electric vehicle (ev) finally seems to be the sustainable solution that offers environmental benefits and becomes a key component for boosting clean energy.

Key features

  1. An important and significant feature on the PROM is that it is the first scooter in its class to be equipped with IoT system as standard, making it an even more attractive proposition – particularly for new riders.
  2. The compact and easy to read instrument panel features a touch screen monitor containing a full LED , with LED backlighting. This modern and minimalist design sits neatly behind the compact screen, and underlines the PROM full contemporary look.
  3. The ETRAN E1 5kw high performance electric motor  is the first scooter electric motor that gives a strong and linear acceleration feeling.

Cutting edge technology enhances your riding experience.


ETRAN PROM Specification

– Max Speed 120 km/h
– Range 150 km (±10%)
– Front Brake Disc
– Rear Brake Disc
– Front Tire 120/90-12
– Front Wheel Rim 12″
– Rear Tire 130-70-12
– Rear Wheel Rim 12″
– BatteryType LiFePO4
– Capacity 3 Kwh
– Voltage 72 V
– Weight 30 kg (3 packs, 10 kg for each pack)
– Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
– Rated Power 7000 W
– Rated Current 40 A
– Rated Voltage 72 V
– Power Transmission Belt
– Overall Length 1852 mm.
– Overall Width 657 mm.
– Overall Height 1022 mm.
– Seat Height 715 mm.
– Wheel Base 1357 mm.
– Caster Angle 26 degree

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